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Sheryl Williams Intimacy Professional

A Bi-sexual Filipina from the ovens of Phoenix, Arizona, Sheryl Williams moved to Chicago to enrolled at Columbia College Chicago to pursue a life as a Fight Coordinator. It was through Stage combat she learned about the Intimacy Profession. She has been working in the Chicago area since 2017.

To paraphrase Captain Planet, she believes the best intimacy work is done with all our "powers combined". As an Intimacy Professional, Sheryl Williams has over a decade of acting experience, choreography tools, and intimacy training that she uses to work with each cast and crew to create story-driven, consent-informed and boundary-enforced spaces. This allows for intimate moments and various relationship dynamics to be explored to their fullest potential. She liaisons between departments to ensure that the boundaries and consent of cast and crew are valued and being enforced. She also ensures the necessary materials are provided and precautious are being taken with intimate character relationships and scenes involving nudity and/or simulated actions. 

Dad jokes are standard with each contract signing.

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