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Best Practices Theatrical Intimacy Education

Foundations in Race, Consent and Intimacy for BIPOC Theatrical Intimacy Education

Race And Choreography  Theatrical Intimacy Education

Intimacy Coordination Theatrical Intimacy Education

Foundations 1 Intimacy Directors and Coordinators

Diving deeper into Boundaries Intimacy Directors and Coordinators

Introduction to Intimacy Pedagogy Intimacy Directors International

Adult Mental Health First Aid  National Council for Behavioral Health

Safe Zone The Safe Zone Project

A Discussion on Staged Intimacy Beyond the Binary Intimacy Coordinators of Color

Bystander Intervention: De-escalation Hollaback!

Bystander Intervention for AAPI and Xenophobia Hollaback!

Diversity vs. Inclusion vs. Tokenism Intimacy Directors and Coordinators

Scene Work with Kink and BDSM: for Actors, Directors and Intimacy Professionals  Dr. Ayshia Mackie-Stephenson; Dr. Timaree. 

Stage Combat: Unarmed, Rapier& Dagger, Broadsword, Smallsword, Knife, Quarterstaff, Single Sword and Sword and Shield, Whipcracking

Vocal Extremes Workshop John McFarland

Fighting for Film Greg Poljacik

Training: Text
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