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Testimonials: Testimonials

Vanessa Stalling - Director - Fen

I was constantly impressed by her
expansive knowledge regarding the storytelling needs of each moment of
violence and/or intimacy. Sheryl was able to craft an incredible atmosphere that provided the team
with a specific and easily accessible understanding of consent, and paired this
understanding with specific tools and vocabulary so that team members could be
free to experiment and make discoveries in real time without feeling a constant
need to interrupt each discovery with a request for consent. She is an artist and has a deep respect for storytelling and process.
She is constantly on the lookout for understanding what the goals of the
storytelling moments are, and is ready to change choreography if it isn’t suiting
the actors or discoveries made.
A creative problem solver, a delightful team player, an expert in her field, these
are the descriptions that come to mind when I think of Sheryl Williams. Should
you have a chance to work with her I am confident you will come to share my
high opinion of her.

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